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Excellence in
Human Capital

Big enough to matter, small enough to be flexible ...

... flexible enough to make a difference

Experienced senior professionals
working closely together, considering ourselves a family:
20.000 projects, approx.1.000 man/years experience.

Focused presence through subsidiaries in fast growing or difficult markets:

  • We were the first to work in Central and Eastern Europe and thus we bring the longest experience in this market
  • We have a strong presence and track record in solving difficult projects in Asia Pacific

Specialist boutique style approach in established engine markets
Our Services – in its core executive search - encomprise Board Services and NEUMANN Management Colloquium, a highly efficient assessment tool
Meeting our Clients’ needs is our first priority: We are driven by Quality, Efficiency, Speed and Professionalism, adding value to each and every project thanks to our in-house market intelligence, working hard with enthusiasm and total commitment. We are specialists for difficult cases.

Issue 19

Foreign professionals - How welcome(d) are they at German hospitals?



Neumann Leadership Deutschland GmbH has been nominated as one of the Top Executive Search companies in 2014 in Germany