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Excellence in
Human Capital

Big enough to matter, small enough to be flexible ...

... flexible enough to make a difference

Experienced senior professionals
working closely together, considering ourselves a family:
20.000 projects, approx.1.000 man/years experience.

Focused presence through subsidiaries in fast growing or difficult markets:

  • We were the first to work in Central and Eastern Europe and thus we bring the longest experience in this market
  • We have a strong presence and track record in solving difficult projects in Asia Pacific

Specialist boutique style approach in established engine markets
Our Services – in its core executive search - encomprise Board Services and NEUMANN Management Colloquium, a highly efficient assessment tool
Meeting our Clients’ needs is our first priority: We are driven by Quality, Efficiency, Speed and Professionalism, adding value to each and every project thanks to our in-house market intelligence, working hard with enthusiasm and total commitment. We are specialists for difficult cases.

Issue 18

The Supervisory Board member
In conversation with Prof. Dr. Andreas Georgi, supervisory board member by profession and passion



Neumann Leadership Deutschland GmbH has been nominated as one of the Top Executive Search companies in 2014 in Germany